The Hypocrisy of the “Anti-Fascist” Left

Originally, this post was to be an exposé on the violent neo-bolshevik groups plotting to attack the Republican National Convention, but in light of certain development, that will be postponed. The reason for the postponement is that during the investigation into the plans to block the RNC, a plan to shut down Mr. Trump rally in Raleigh, NC, tomorrow was discovered.  The event was organized by a group called NC Anti-Fascist.  The group also organized an event for tomorrow to “Tell Hillary and Obama to stop deporting illegal immigrants.”  The event to silence Trump had 23 red thugs pledge to attend, the event to plea with Crooked Hillary had 6 RSVP’s.  The disparity in both  the language used and the enthusiasm of members for each event shows the hypocrisy of the  “Anti-Fascist” mindset and its relationship with the Democrat Party.

“Anti-Fascists” also known as antifa, anti-fascist action or AFA, but their name does tell a great deal about their ideology and motivations.  The name “Anti-Fascist” is a camouflage for their true world view, which if known to the average American, would lead to a unanimous repudiation of the “anti-fascists” and the politicians that give them any patronage.  The name “anti-fascist” tells the public what they are against and as propaganda, it’s a good brand name; what red blooded American wants fascism; didn’t the Greatest Generation fight to destroy fascism?  Indeed, it seems axiomatic that to be American is to be against fascism.  However, no group can be defined by what is opposes, but only what it supports.  Looking at the ideal polity for the “anti-fascist” it becomes obvious they are pro-marxist.  They, of course, will deny this and use dozens of adjectives to described their world-views, but regardless of the twenty dollar words they use to describe themselves, they have common elements: erasing all national borders, anti-theism, anti-capitalism, and commune based social structures, the very same things for which Karl Marx advocated.  They can deny their pro-marxist views, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s a Marxist.

While they do try to conceal their Marxist leanings from the public, they rarely take offense to it when exposed.  It is unsurprising in this day and age when the atrocities of the marxist regimes are forgotten or brushed away as not real communism.  However, when we see the barbarity these Pro-Marxists are willing to and already have unleashed upon Trump supporters in such places like San Jose and Albuquerque; we see the inspiration for this violence in Mao’s Red Guards who would hunt down “politically incorrect” people and conduct “struggle sessions” which is a euphemism for lynch mob.  We also see it in the dehumanizing propaganda issued by the Pro-Marxists in that it mimics the rationales espoused by Lenin’s Checka to implement a campaign of terror against the Russian paesantry: Trump supporters are not sufficiently revolutionary and they need to be subjected to violence until they become satisfactory.  We must never forget they Marxism is a politics of violence and mass murder; these “anti-fascists” are inspired by and seek to reenact the bloodiest episodes of Red Terror against those they libel as “fascist”.

Understanding that antifascist is just code for proMarxist, the motivation for these groups of neo-Bolsheviks to “shut down” Mr. Trump for his anti-illegal immigration views, while they merely plea with Ms. Clinton for substantially similar ones becomes more clear.   Ms. Clinton is, in the proMarxist view, a Fabian Socialist; that is, someone who wants to gradually implement communism and its destruction of the nation state, religion, and private property.  Mr. Trump is by all accounts, not a socialist by means; he is, in his own words, a nationalist.  His opinions and proposals over the past 35 years bolster this claim, from his concerns about the US military  and Trade in the 1980s  to  his proposals during the 2000 presidential campaign to the present all can be summed up in the phrase “America First.”  To the proMarxist thugs, Ms. Clinton is a step in the right direction for their purposes, while Mr. Trump is a step backwards.  As a consequence to the Trotskyte terrorists,  Ms. Clinton just needs to be convinced to speed up the Sovietization of America, while Mr. Trump must be stopped at all costs because they know his presidency could be a mortal blow to their plans.


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