How to work With Lion Guard?

Some people do not know how to make a report to the Lion Guard of an online threat. Making a report is rather easy and after the first 2-3 attempts you will likely become very proficient. For this guide, it will be assumed you have discovered a threat.

First, copy the hyper link of the threat. Second, archive that link. You can do this with such websites like or; if you want to save the link to a tweet, there is the specialized archive website.  Third save an image of the threat; while not absolutely necessary, it makes the threat more easily accessible to other Lion Guard participants. Lastly, if you can get a profile picture of the threat maker, you should save an image of that person as well.

Once you have all the threat info archived and imaged, you need to upload it to Lion Guard for others to see. Now you can post it on the Lion Guard facebook page; tweet it to the Lion Guard twitter; join our group on, !LionGuard.  Also you can share it as a comment on but it will require uploading any images to and then posting the imgur link(s) in your comment, along with the archive link.

By taking these simple steps you are giving fellow Lion Guard participants the necessary info to identify threats at the Trump rally.  Once they see the person you identified, along with their admission to cause harm at the Trump rally; the Lion Guard participant at the rally can point the person out to event security and have them escorted out, to allow for a safe and peaceful rally experience.

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