How to Participate in the Lion Guard?

Many people have asked “how do I join the Lion Guard?” If you want to participate in searching for and reporting on threats to disrupt or commit violence on Mr. Trump, his supporters or their rallies, joining is very easy: just commit to searching social media, e.g. facebook, instagram, twitter and sharing those identified threats on with the Lion Guard twitter account, the Lion Guard facebook page and/or the Lion Guard oopih group (search for !LionGuard).  The internet presence of the Lion Guard is focused on gathering information about persons threatening Trump rallies and, by exposing them, deter them from carrying out their plans.  If exposure does not deter them, by publishing their identities and plans the Lion Guard can inform rally attendees to be on lookout for such hostile persons

If you want to organize an in person group to attend Trump events and point out known threats to event security and law enforcement, it is more complicated. To prevent the neo-bolsheviks from attacking or harassing Lion Guard participants, there are no mailing lists or persons in charge per se. However, if you want to organize with fellow MAGA patriots in your area before a Trump event, you can use the Lion Guard facebook page to reach out to each other or, you can create your own local chapter using any means you think are reasonable to gather Trump supporters in your local area. If you would like for the Lion Guard to promote your local chapter, please  contact us by either leaving a comment with your chapter location, and the contact info for your chapter, as well as the name of your chapter leader. The last request may seem invasive, however, it is for quality assurance and to prevent sabotage.

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