The Lion Guard Is Back and Calls for Recruits

When the Lion Guard first appeared, it quickly gained attention, both positive and negative. However, the number of people participating in the actual mission of the Lion Guard: gathering information on plans to attack Mr. Trump, his supporters and their rallies to share with fellow trump supporters, was not as enthusiastic. Some people had the misconception that the Lion Guard was a pre-packaged organization that would wash away the baddies. That was never the case. The Lion Guard was a call to organize resistance against the Red Terror that hates Mr. Trump and his supporters and a proposed a plan on how to stand up to these bolshevik goons. Some deliberately misunderstood the plan as a call to violence and others disapproved of it because it was not sufficiently violent. The few that understood the goal and mission of the Lion Guard appreciated its method because of the realities facing the movement to Make America Great Again.  In the wake of the violent and unprovoked attacks at Albuquerque and San Jose as well as the attempt on Mr. Trump’s life at Las Vegas, the clamour from MAGA patriots for the Lion Guard has returned, louder and more enthusiastic, but also more prepared to do the tasks necessary to make the Lion Guard an effective tool.

Our foes thrive on knowing the date and location of an event. They use such information to schedule when to bus in neo-bolshevik fanatics and post “help wanted” ads to swell their numbers. They actively look for MAGA patriots to attack and harass. Our strength is in our anonymity and flexibility. The Lion Guard is not a paramilitary force with ranks and echelons. The Lion Guard will not give its enemies a date, time, and group of people to assault. The Lion Guard must remain like a mass of jelly;  something that will slip through their fingers as they apply pressure.  The people that seek the destruction of these United States are so brazen in publishing their plans. They expose themselves without any thought. They do this because they are arrogant and they do not care to plot in secret. The search for plotters is not a labor intense venture. Rather, it is like Peter throwing his nets into the sea of Galilee, there are so many open and notorious plotters broadcasting on social media, a person can be overwhelmed by the number. Indeed, there are so many sharing their plans on social media, one can confuse the forest for the trees. In the past, this was not too much of a problem, the deterrence of exposure would, in theory, be enough to discourage attempts to disrupt Trump rallies. However, the plots have become increasingly violent and blood thirsty.

San Jose was the culmination of months of de-humanizing rhetoric by the Red terrorists against Trump supporters. Driven by the conviction that Trump and his supporters are not worthy of consideration, a horde of neo-spartacists and mexo-chauvanists, viciously and violently attacked supporters as they left the venue. Could the Lion Guard have helped discourage these attacks or at least put attendees on notice that America’s enemies were plotting their harm and the need to take counter-measures.  This is a question with no answer because, without additional numbers of people scouring the Internet for these lawlesss, America hating, rabble, the Lion Guard cannot be the eyes and ears of the Trump Train. In the wake of San Jose, the activity of Red terrorists, have gotten worse. At Richmond, Virginia, Trump haters proclaimed it was their moral right to attack, and even kill, Trump supporters. Fortunately, violence was minimal because, unlike San Jose, the police took measures to protect rally attendees and the Trotskyte marauders did not have mexo-chauvanists to swell their ranks. While the events in Richmond, VA, were not as bad as the red terrorists would have hoped; the escalation of attacks on this movement to Make America Great Again has intensified.  In the past week an illegal immigrant with marxist and anti-american views attempted to assassinate Trump during his Las Vegas rally. While the would-be assassin was not a DREAMer, his delusional plan involved attempting to steal a police officer’s gun and shoot Trump in a suicide mission.  While  these fantastic plans had a minuscule likelihood of success, we must presume this is only the first of many attempts, especially with the demented virtue signaling praising the psycho-assassin.  The organization and implementation of the Lion Guard is no longer a matter of will, it is a matter of life and death for Mr. Trump and, just as important, ourselves.

The time for struggle has begun and in the balance is the future of these United States and this election has shown MAGA patriots are prepared to fight for the rebirth of the American people.  It is not a question of desire to bring a renaissance to the American people, but the means and methods to achieve this goal.  Victory is 90% preparation and 10% execution, information is the cornerstone of any battleplan. To obtain victory in this struggle, MAGA patriots need to take advantage of the wealth of information disclosed by those consumed with lust for America’s downfall. Once gathered, this information will provide an invaluable asset to determine threats, assess their credibility, and then coordinate with other groups and patriots on the ground to better protect Mr. Trump, fellow Trump supporters, and their rallies. The Lion Guard needs more MAGA patriots to become the eyes and ears of this movement on social media and eventually at each Trump rally from here until the inauguration.

Surveillance is tedious and does not bring immediate glory to the intelligence gatherers. It is work for people with very low time preferences than can defer their gratification. It is the polar opposite of the Trotskyte mobs that attack Trump rallies. Do you have the patience and the determination for this necessary work? Many fellow MAGA patriots have already shed blood to defy these red terrorist that hate these United States, are you prepared to sacrifice some of your time online using Twitter, facebook, instagram, or where ever else to help the Lion Guard identify and expose the barbaric marxists that hate Mr. Trump, hate this movement and, moreover, hate each and every MAGA patriot personally.  If you are parepared follow Lion Guard on twitter or join the Lion Guard on the new, patriotic, alternative to facebook at !LionGaurd.

4 thoughts on “The Lion Guard Is Back and Calls for Recruits

  1. Here in Virginia , those that have selected the party in office are not knowledgeable and deceived by governor , a democrat . Two senators , both democrats and voting everything their party votes for , not for the people of Virginia . Here , where I live , I need the time and the place locally , when meeting . You’ve got my support and with it we can make America a stronger country in the eyes of the world . A lot to be done , many of them old fossils can be removed this November , keep up the great work .


    • The most important thing you can do is help organize state and local chapters in your area, MAGA patriots want to stand up against this Red Tide of anti-Americanism but they need a focal point, be that focal point.


  2. Arizona supporter here. Time to act is now. We are in the process of building support here. When we stand, we win. God (YAHWEH) is moving in this nation, be of good cheer.


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