The Difference One Week Makes

In seven days the purpose of Decision 2016 has changed from a mere struggle to Make America Great Again into a duty to make the world sane again. The past week has revealed one singular conclusion, the politically correct mindset that dominates cultural, economic, social and political institutions must be disposed.  It has raised a generation of  political hooligans that used distorted language to make their vile goals seem noble.  It has installed a political order rife with indifference to the law and order it is charged to uphold.  It is fomenting a small, vicious, clique determined to turmoil if America does not submit to their unrealistic demands.  Decision 2016 is a referendum on political correctness.

A week is not a great deal of time; it is less than two percent of a year, a mere seven days of the 366 days this year shall have. But this week has seen several monumental events that illustrate the depth and breadth of the politically correct mindset in America and throughout western civilization. On Saturday, March 19, the anti-MAGA horde shut down the Fountain Hill, Arizona, by closing all roads into the city. As the epitome of anti-Americans, they did not act to stop the Mexican government from sending colonists to the United States, or demand American Corporations stop betraying their native country with outsourcing and visa abuse. Rather, they brought an American city to a grinding halt to silence the one candidate with a platform to stop the colonization and the corporate treason, Donald J. Trump. While the attempt to silence Mr. Trump developed into mere inconvenience for the MAGA patriots heading to the rally, the anti-MAGA forces did not quit. In Tuscon they set up a gauntlet to harass and attack every Trump supporter seeking to attend the rally. These intimidation tactics were unavailing and the rally went on as planned, but the patience of MAGA patriots was tested by the slander and invective spewed by these persons intent on ending American sovereignty.While MAGA patriots were under attack in Arizona, another swarm of rootless barbarians sought to raise chaos in New York City, and shut down Manhattan from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. While the horde ground mid-town Manhattan to a standstill, the organizers of the event, members of the NY Cosmos football club bragged the mainstream media advanced their cause by concealing the disorder caused by the “Cosmopolitan Anti-Fascist” march that quickly devolved into violent confrontations between police and neo-Spartacists, a group of militant communists that advocate a violent global revolution to establish their Trotskyite utopia. In one day, political correct marauders brought two cities to a halt, yet, the mainstream media tried to blame Trump for the rowdy actions by the very people who wish for him and his supporters to be silenced.

The events of Saturday, March 19, were horrible and aggravating for many MAGA patriots, but what transpired the following Tuesday was a tragedy for the entire world. On Tuesday, March 22, members of the Islamic death cult, ISIS, detonated multiple bombs in Brussels, Belgium killing 31 instantly and maiming hundreds more in the name of their global Jihad to impose Islamic law and Islamic religion on all people and all nations. Several of the terrorists involved in the attack were known to Belgian authorities as militant Islamists, yet they were able to plan and execute the largest attack on that small country since World War 2. More confounding is the politically correct efforts to deny the porous borders of the European Union had a role in this vicious attack. They focus on the national passports of the terrorists and not on the fact they, like the Paris attackers, were able to travel from Europe to ISIS training camps in the Levant by blending into the thousands of other military aged men entering Europe on dubious legal grounds. Even if the politically correct argument against secured borders is taken on its merits, they ignore these terrorists find refuge in the multiple neighborhoods that are practically outside the jurisdiction of domestic law enforcement. The planning center for both the Paris and Brussels attacks was the Brussels suburb, Molenbeek, a no-go zone where gangsters rule and other sources of order are attacked with extreme prejudice. As of the day before the Brussels attack, the Belgian government knew of at least 85 ISIS terrorists in that one neighborhood, but these war criminals were not brought to justice for fear of inciting Molenbeek’s Islamo-Mafia to violence. Regardless of the terrorists’ origin, the Brussels attack has revealed political correctness is enabling these Islamic death cultists with delusions that appeasement dressed up as tolerance will make them peaceful.

The tolerance of violent terrorism by the politically correct should not be surprising. As discovered, by the Lion Guard, some of the most vociferous people against Mr. Trump’s campaign to Make America Great Again have begun to make violent contingency plans in the event Donald Trump is elected. Calling itself the White Rose Society and the White Rose Revolt, these people have pledged to engage in incremental violence to suppress any effort to Make America Great Again. They are currently organizing chapters throughout the United States based on one single principle, the American nation, people and culture must be destroyed to promote their globalist agenda. All around the our country the forces of treason and destruction are forming their ranks to stop the MAGA patriots because Mr. Trump has put into words what every patriotic American knows, the charlatans espousing political correctness will kill us if they cannot have their way.

Donald Trump has struck upon a nerve that runs through both factions of the political establishment. Against an elite that sees national borders and culture as obstacles to their machinations, Mr. Trump stands for preserving American sovereignty and identity. Against an elite that sees guest worker programs as a means to fatten their bottom lines, Mr. Trump understands many companies are abusing these programs to the detriment of the American people. Against elites that engorge themselves on profits from off-shoring and out-sourcing, Mr. Trump demands an ends to global commerce based on currency and treaty manipulation. Against elites that are indifferent or even seek to profit from the infiltration by ISIS cultist into the USA, Mr. Trump advocates for the security of the American public against these wolves in sheep’s clothing that howl Paris and Brussels are only a foretaste of what they plan to visit upon the USA. Against the useful idiots of the elites, hypnotized by their delusions of utopia, Mr. Trump presents a vision for America based in sovereignty, security, prosperity, but most importantly, reality.

In one week, the 2016 presidential race transformed from a debate about the future of America into a decision about the future of civilization. In one week the public have seen the desperate lengths the politically correct will go to silence and intimidate opposition their plans to dissolve America. In one week the public have seen the indolent folly that infects the politically correct mind. In one week the facade of politically correct “love” and “peace” has broken away to reveal an ugly truth of hate and violence that underpins the anti-MAGA fanatics. In one week those people that attack Mr. Trump, his supporters and their rallies have revealed they lack the moral authority to decide the future of these United States. But this week also showed who has the vision to Make America Great Again and it is the duty of every MAGA patriot to stand up and take the lead.  Our country depends on US!

4 thoughts on “The Difference One Week Makes

  1. You guys are great, I wish I could join the Lion Guard, but I’m a pinko tankie who hates America. Zombie-Stalin 2016!


  2. You are a blessing for us all! We must make America Great Again! Preserving our inalienable rights, and core values..thank you all for your unselfish reactiveness during these volatile times! God Bless!!


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