The cabal meetingIt has been brought to the attention of the Lion Guard that saboteurs are plotting on facebook to attack Trump’s Arizona rally this Saturday.  These braggarts are openly talking about infiltrating the rally and causing another cancellation.    As MAGA patriots, we cannot allow this to happen.  The time has come for all MAGA patriots to do everything in their power to prevent these brigands from causing any confrontation inside the rally.

How you can help?

  • Visit the facebook page for the plotters
  • Do your best to archive any post suggesting infiltration and disruption of the rally
    • The priority are those plotters that affirmatively state they want to stop the event.
    • The next priority are those giving likes or supportive comments to those plotters for their proposed sabotage, they might be conspirators and will show up as well.
    • The next priority are those purchasing noise/smoke/disruptive devices.  They might infiltrate the rally and use the devices to disperse the rally.
    • Give lowest/no priority to people that merely want to outdoor protest, this is the USA, not the USSR (sorry BernOuts).
  • Take all threats you identify and share with @lionsoftrump or or the hashtag #lionguard.
    • If you are going to the Arizona Rally, catalog the threats and expose these saboteurs to event security.
    • Even if you are not going, but know someone who is going, share a catalog of the threats with the rally attendees you know, encourage them to see something and say something to event security.
  •   PROVISO If you discover any plans to harm Mr. Trump or any supporters at the Rally notify the Secret Service, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office and the Trump Campaign immediately as well as any other law enforcement agency within the jurisdiction of the rally. 

The Lion Guard needs all hands on deck to facilitate a safe and positive rally in Arizona this Saturday.  Will you answer the call?


    • No, but it does have to be a threat against Mr. Trump, Trump supporters, or their rallies. Threats must be actual plans to physically harm Mr. Trump, Trump supporters or plans to infiltrate and sabotage a rally. Threats of physical harm should be reported to law enforcement in the jurisdiction where the threat is made and threats to sabotage rallies can be shared with the twitter lionsoftrump or by posting the appropriate archive link on this website. You can also share threats to sabotage rallies with any other trump supporters you know attending the threatened rally and they should report the threat to security.


  1. I’m a proud Trump supporter in Chicago and I would love to donate to your effort to help buy lunch or dinner, water or supplies, anything! I think what you’re planning to do is so great. I will check back periodically to see if there’s a way to contribute. Thank you!


    • The most important thing you can do is help organize state and local chapters in your area, MAGA patriots want to stand up against this Red Tide of anti-Americanism but they need a focal point, be that focal point.


  2. Outstanding! Thank you for standing up to protect the Free Speech rights of Americans. As a biker myself I wish there was a more concerted effort across the US and hopefully at the RNC, by bikers to do the same.


    • While the compliments are appreciated, all congratulations go to Cindy Perrin and the band of heroes she was able to organize. But please, see her example as something to emulate, your fellow patriots want to organize, they just need a focal point to gather around. Be that focal point.


  3. Thank You brothers. San Jose was a disgrace. Any plans for Cleveland? There seems to be a difference of opinion on whether or not Cleveland is ready. With the city council being straight democrat, I have a feeling they’re not quite ready and possibly deliberately.


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    • The AZ group were a group of patriots that acted of their own accord, but they have been in touch with Lion Guard and we hope in the future to work together to help Mr. Trump Make America Great Again.


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